Wall of Miracles & Healings 

Dear Church Family,

Jesus is the same...yesterday, today, and forever!  (Hebrews 13:8)  Jesus healed when He walked this earth, and He is still healing today!  We been receiving great reports of God's miracle working power at work right here in Front Royal, VA!!  We just had to share the good news with you!!

One lady had a mammogram which revealed that she likely had breast cancer. She joined in prayer with her "four crazy friends" and laid hold of the healing that belonged to her already according to I Peter 2:24.  She was at such peace when she went in for biopsy that she nearly fell asleep in the waiting room. The days that followed, as she waited for results, she sang, "Whom Shall I Fear?" by Chris Tomlin as her song of victory.  She finally received the call with the biopsy results......cancer free! Praise God!

Another lady suffered for nearly six months with severe elbow pain. Over the course of six months, the pain became progressively worse.  She finally made a doctor's appointment to see what was the reason for such pain.  In the meantime, she kept her eyes fixed on Jesus, thanking Him for His faithfulness to His Word.  She switched her focus off her pain and physical need and began sincerely praying for others who needed a miracle in their body.  She woke up on the morning of her appointment completely pain free.  She prayed for others and was healed (James 5:16, Isaiah 58:6-8)!

Last Sunday during our 9:30 am Healing School, we prayed for people who had upcoming doctors appointments. We have been receiving testimonies of miracles and healings!!

One precious lady had a procedure this past Monday. Doctors went in to do a heart catheterization because of blockage.....only to find her heart was perfectly healed!!!

God is STILL in the miracle working business! Come hear and be healed!

I’m breathing better now than I have in years!

Carl Turner relates: I woke up freezing and with labored breathing. So, I asked my wife to take me to the hospital. Before she dressed, I needed her to call 911. They were waiting for me at the local ER when I arrived. My blood pressure dropped and my veins had collapsed. I was in serious trouble, with pneumonia. Doctors were also concerned about preventing a heart attack. While in Winchester Hospital Critical Care I was told I would need oxygen at all times after I was released.

My pastor, Carlton Rogers, visited and prayed the prayer of faith for me. He also prayed for new lungs. Pastor Mitchell agreed in prayer for those new lungs. Within three days I was in a regular room and released two days later. The doctor said “you are one lucky man.”  I said “luck had nothing to do with it. It was God and the prayer of faith.” I am breathing better than I have for years. No oxygen. No inhaler. I thank God every day for NEW lungs. Thank you Pastors for standing in faith with me. 

I Got Back in Church…and the Lord Healed ALL My Disease!

Ann Moser relates “My illnesses began in 2006 with C.O.P.D. (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).  Over time, I started to gain weight, and it caused my diabetes to sky rocket! My breathing became labored.  Doctors said I had congestive heart disease, high blood pressure and low thyroid disease. I became very depressed, almost suicidal!   

“Then God said you need to get back in church! So I was sitting on my porch one Sunday and one of the vehicles from Dynamic Life drove by! I said, 'Oh my, that’s the church!'  I have been going to Dynamic Life ever since!  One week, Reverend Mitchell prayed for me, asking God for healing throughout my body.

 “I went to the doctors this past Monday for a 3 month check up.  He checked my lungs.  My C.O.P.D. oxygen level was 96.  Normal is 98. I lost 14 another pounds.   (That makes a total of about 80 pounds I’ve lost!)  My blood test says my sugar levels are in normal range.  Cholesterol is excellent, kidney and liver functions are great, and my blood pressure is good.  Only my Lord Jesus could do that. I Praise my Almighty God, my Lord and Savior!"


He Came In With Crutches and Left Without Them!

Yesterday, my friend David came to church on crutches after chipping a bone in his kneecap over the weekend. God healed David during service and he went home a different man! I saw him this morning, and he said, "During service, it felt itchy behind the knee cap so I started bending my knee and the pain was all gone!" God is still in the healing business!

God: The Miracle Worker

Marge Yowell reported two miracle healings in her body in 2012...and Spring is still in season! In January she awoke with severe pain over her right eye, facial numbness, a droopy eyelid, and high blood pressure. Doctors were concerned about possible stroke.

A CAT scan showed two spots on her brain, so a MRI procedure to examine her brain and brain stem was scheduled. Marge said she "was uneasy and scared" to go into the MRI machine. Although she kept praising God and had requested prayer, she became so nervous that she told the technician she couldn't do it.

Marge was astonished when she entered the MRI room and "the Holy Spirit rained on me - from the top of my head to my toes - and I then had perfect peace." She went into the machine with no fear. She felt the Lord's presence the entire hour she spent there. Marge knew everything was going to be all right.

The neurologist who later examined her said the CAT scan "spots" were non-existent. His greatest concern was the evidence of strokes on her brain. He was puzzled because she had no physical manifestations of stroke, such as paralysis or inability to speak. They both laughed because she was divinely healed of outward physical evidence of these "strokes." He said it was a miracle that her brain showed she had at least four strokes without having a sign of one! Marge was joyfully praising God and the doctor was laughing and clapping.

In May, Marge had an MRI for a possible artery blockage to her right kidney which was 85% blocked four years ago. The test revealed NO blockage, just a huge kidney stone which has not moved. She exclaims "All glory goes to the Heavenly Specialist who kept and protected me so I could be about doing His business."


"My Neck Tumors (Goiters) Instantly Disappeared!"

Severe thyroid disease has plagued Anne Ethridge for her entire life. As time passed, she developed at least four large goiters (tumors) on her neck, that continued to grow. These nodules caused difficulty in swallowing, talking, and breathing. Her neck was tender and painful. Many days, she experienced severe fatigue, pain, and a compromised immune system.

When she began attending Dynamic Life in January 2011, she learned about God's great love and that He wants her to be well. She became born again and adores her "new family" at DLM. She appreciates their teaching, nurturing, counsel, and encouragement.

During a Healing and Miracle Service, those who needed healing from any type of emotional, physical or spiritual distress were called forward. Anne came forward to receive a touch from the Lord. After she was prayed for, she felt her neck and there were NO goiters! God's presence and love had truly healed her!


"These earphones aren't working..."

I was driving down the road and my daughter, Angelina, put a brand new set of ear phones on to listen to some music.  I didn't pay much attention to it when she pointed to the left side and said, "Mom, these earphones aren't working."  Several days later, I took her to the doctors for her annual check up.  She soared through the various tests until we got to the hearing test.  The nurse got a very concerned look on her face as she conducted the test.  Unfortunately, my daughter failed the hearing test in her left ear.  The nurse asked if she ever had hearing problems and I told her that she had an ear infection several weeks ago, but I never noticed times when she didn't hear me.  Then, I remembered what my daughter had said several days earlier. 

Pastor Carlton and I have history with God.  He has shown His healing power in the lives of all three of our kids.  This was going to be another opportunity!  The nurse suggested I schedule a follow up appointment to have her ear rechecked.  That same night, Evangelist David Dixon was ministering at our church.  Carlton brought Angelina forward for prayer.  Rev. Dixon prayed for Angelina's ears.  We were certain that healing power entered her body and affected a change in her ear.

We returned to the doctors' office several weeks later to have her ears rechecked.  The nurse grinned from ear to ear at the conclusion of the hearing test.  Angelina's ear tested perfectly normal.  Jesus IS the Healer!


"No More Allergies!"

A mother brought her son for prayer who suffered from allergies.  She said that he was clearing his throat literally every five minutes because of the allergies.  After he received prayer, his mother reported that he doesn't clear his throat AT ALL now!  Jesus is the Healer!


"No More Autism"

A woman brought her granddaughter for prayer.  When asked what she wanted Jesus to do for her, the young girl said, "No more autism."  After prayer, the girl returned to her seat. Her grandmother was instructed to report the changes she noticed in her granddaughter.  The next day, we received word that this young girl (whose disability was speech related) spoke to her grandmother in clear, intelligible, complete sentences.  Praise the Lord!!


"Pain Free from Migraines"

A lady suffered from severe, debilitating migranes for two solid months.  She told us that she tried five different medications to relieve the pain but none of them worked. She received prayer, and is now pain free!  When asked how it feels to finally be pain-free, she replied, "Saaaweeeet!  Thank you Lord for your miraculous healing!"


"God Heals Scoliosis"

"What do you need God to heal tonight?" the young lady was asked when she came forward for her prayer.  "My back is in a lot of pain.  I have scoliosis."  After she received prayer, she was instructed to bend over and touch her toes.  "What is your pain level now?" she was asked.  With a bright smile on her face, she replied, "My pain was a 10 but now it is 0!"   


"Goodbye Arthritis!"

"What is your pain on a scale of 1 to 10?" the woman was asked before she received prayer.  "It is a 10," she replied in obvious pain.  Although the pain was throughout her body, she especially mentioned the pain in her right shoulder.  After she received prayer, she began winding her right arm around in fast circles.  Her face lit up as she declared, "The pain is gone."  When she was asked what her pain level was, with a smile she replied, "The pain is gone....it is 0!" 


"Bone Spur Gone!"

A woman asked for prayer for her foot.  She had a bone spur that caused her so much pain, she couldn't get out of bed in the mornings.  After she received prayer, she began walking around on her foot.  Tears streamed down her face as she began stomping that foot onthe ground as hard as she could.  The pain was completely gone! 


 Patti Wright

"God Heals Psoriasis"

Psoriasis is not contagious but doctors say there is no cure.  Patti wants to tell you that there is a cure!  For years she took every medication possible to control the breakouts. The skin on her hands and feet would flake off, split open and bleed.  As her relationship with God grew and she learned more about His Word, she realized that healing was hers for the asking. She began thanking Jesus for the sacrifice that He made for her so that she could be healed.  It didn't happen in an instant or even over night.  The winter is always the worst for psoriasis.  For the last year people would see her hands and feel sympathy for her.  She would tell them that she was fine.  She would just say, "My hands are healed. You just can't see it yet.  One day I will wake up, and it will be gone." Patti has gone all winter without a breakout!  Praise God her hands and feet are clear of psoriasis.

Jesus Healed Woman from "Incurable" Chronic Disease

Jessica was eleven when she underwent months of testing to determine the cause of the symptoms she was experiencing. Doctors eventually ruled out Hodgkins disease and leukemia, settling on a diagnosis of systemic lupus since she had nine of fourteen possible "markers" of the disease. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body, internal or external. There is a drug that controls the formerly-fatal disease; medically, there is no cure. She began the drug treatment and remained under medical observation.

Over the course of twenty years, Jessica experienced various symptoms and discomfort. However, she continued her normal activities. She attended James Madison University, married and gave birth to a healthy child after she was told this would not be possible. Recently, Jessica was retested for lupus. The doctors could find no indication of the disease: her blood work showed "zero" markers! She has been symptom-free for six months. Her dad, David Tice, rejoices "today, Pastor Carlton, you spoke on praising God and getting blessed. I know that what you spoke on is true and your teachings and Elvi’s teachings do match up with the Word. They are still true today just as they were in the Bible times!"




Angelina Rogers

"He makes the crooked places straight."

Elvi first noticed something was wrong with Angelina when she tried to lift her to encourage her to stand.  Angelina would stand on the outer sides of her feet, never the bottoms.  "Her feet curve inward because of being that way in the womb," her pediatrician told her.  But, they didn't.  Next, Elvi was told that Angelina would stand flat on her feet when she'd begin wearing shoes.  But, they didn't.  Pastor Carlton and Elvi prayed for Angelina and asked God to straighten her legs and feet.  They declared Isaiah 40:4 over their baby, "He makes the crooked places straight."  At Angelina's next doctor's appointment, her pediatrician recommended that she be taken to a specialist because she still wasn't standing flat on her feet.  Before the date arrived for the appointment with the specialist, God miraculously touched Angelina, and He made her whole!



Mrs. Jessica Marshall

"Miracle Baby!"

According to doctors, tiny Erin Marshall shouldn't be here. Her mom, Jessica, was told she required surgery to remove the abdominal scar tissue that had caused multiple miscarriages. However, before surgery was performed, an ultrasound showed no trace of scar tissue...and that Jessica was pregnant again. Eight months later, a healthy Erin was born to proud parents Jessica and Thomas. They call her a Miracle Baby!


Mrs. Carol Soaper

"There's not even a trace of the enlarged lymph gland!"

Carol was diagnosed with 5 enlarged lymph glands near her right hip in November 2003. She received revelation of God's healing power at the end of November, and the results were immediate. There's not even a trace remaining of the enlarged gland. Praise the Lord!

Mrs. Rebecca Palmatier

"Jesus healed me of epilepsy! He restored what the enemy had taken!"

Rebecca was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young girl. She was placed on strong medications to help control the seizures. Rebecca was not allowed to get a drivers license and she was cautioned against having children due to the medication she was on. While visiting DLM, Rebecca began to grasp God's love and healing power. She went to her neurologist and asked to be re-evaluated. Six weeks later, the doctors told her she did not have epilepsy (They said she must've never had it to begin with!) and that she was free to move on with her life. Jesus is the Healer!

Mrs. Angie Turner

Her Tumor Disappeared! Jesus is the Healer!

After having a tumor removed 8 years ago, Angie Turner woke up one morning to find that the tumor had returned. Instead of filling with fear and worry, Angie stood on God's Word and believed in faith for her complete healing. She went to Pastor Rogers and Elder Romero for agreement and prayer. God gave her a word. "Do not go by what you see, hear, or know. Go by what you believe." One week later, the tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea, and within another week it was completely gone. Praise Jesus!

Carlton David Rogers

God Gave him a New Set of Lungs! New Lungs don't Wheeze!

Carlton David had been diagnosed with RSV, a serious virus affecting the respiratory system, that makes it difficult for his body to get enough oxygen. After many hospital visits and doctor calls, Carlton David's parents brought him to an evening service with Ed Dufresne, who received a word from the Lord concerning his little body. "God is giving him a new set of lungs," he said. Elvi and Carlton knew God had healed their son. "New lungs don't wheeze," they said in agreement. Jesus is the healer! Thank you, Jesus! 

Jeremy Gobie

This Baby Was Healed of Double Pneumonia in one day!

Little Jeremy Gobie can breathe at ease. You'd never know from looking at him that a few days before his body was fighting to breathe. His pediatrician admitted him to the hospital for pneumonia in both lungs. His oxygen level was low, and he was not taking in much food or drink. But our God is bigger! Jeremy's parents gathered together prayer warriors, and the next day Jeremy was completely healed! His pediatrician was baffled. The penumonia was gone from both lungs, and Jeremy was back to being a happy, healthy, little boy. He was released from the hospital THAT DAY! Thank you, Jesus!

Carson Potts

He's Healed, He is Gaining Weight, and He's on the Move!

Carson Potts suffered from extreme reflux. His poor little body was not able to hold down any food. He had to take meds daily to assist his body. A guest speaker named Floyd White came to DLM one Sunday morning, and during the service he mentioned that the Lord told him a baby was being healed of a stomach problem. Two days later, Carson's parents ran out of medicine. They had ordered more, but it was going to take 5 days for delivery. During those 5 days, Carson did not throw up once. Even more exciting, he began eating all day long! He has not been on medicine since, and he's gained 9lbs. Wahoo!

Mr. Raymond Sauls

All His Mother Wanted was to See Him Walk and Hear Him Speak to Her.

Raymond is a happy 9 year old boy. He's overcome many obstacles in his short life. Doctors said he'd never live past the age of 5. His mother's dream was that she'd get to see him walk and hear him speak to her. In the past 9 years, that had not happened. They visited DLM one Sunday morning and heard Elvi teach healing school. When they got back home, she took him to Physical Therapy, where for the first time he took 25 steps! He also has started talking! His teachers advanced him a grade level at school. He's making huge progress every day! God is doing a mighty work in Raymond's life! Praise God!

Mr. George Sauls

A pacemaker was not an option for George... God had something better.

George's doctor was concerned for his heart. It would not keep a consistent rhythm, and there was concern for blocked arteries. His doctor was thinking of implanting a pacemaker in George's chest. George talked to his daughter, Deena, who told him, "If you come to my church you won't have to have that done because you'll be healed." He visited DLM and listened to Elvi's teaching on healing. A few days later he had a procedure (angiogram) done to check his heart's condition. After the procedure, the 35 year old doctor told him that he only hopes his heart looks that great when he's 53. God healed his heart!

Mrs. Deena Potts

High Blood Pressure is not something you have to struggle with. God Heals!

Deena took medicine daily to control high blood pressure, however her normal levels were still around 160/110. She went to church one morning, and God spoke to her. She thought, "If Jesus is in my heart, it shouldn't have any problems." She quit taking her medicine, and God did a mighty work in her body. She has gone back to the doctor numerous times, and each time the nurses are baffled at what they find. Deena's blood pressure is regularly around 128/82 without any medication. Praise God! 

Mrs. Deena Potts

"God's Power is Strong Enough to Break Genetic Strongholds!"

Deena comes from a long line of Bi-Polar sufferers. Her family tree is filled with people who have struggled with suicide, emotional handicaps, and pain. Diagnosed by her doctor many years ago, Deena would take over 15 pills a day to control this genetic defect. "I kept hearing the praise song, 'Why should I worry about the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs'. I knew it didn't have to be this way." God healed Deena completely. She now takes NO medication! "I feel completely released, set free, and alive! Look what the Lord has done!"

Jordan Bailey

The Day After Being Prayed For, Doctors Could Not Trigger Any Seizures.

Jordan was 5 years old. At that young age, Jordan's body was struggling with seizures. He was sent to the hospital in Charlottesville, VA. There, doctors performed a wide variety of intense tests. During these tests the doctors were able to trigger Jordan to have seizures. They diagnosed him with epilepsy. That evening, his grandma brought him to a healing crusade at DLM to be prayed for. They could sense immediately that something was different. The next day, they went back to Charlottesville for more tests. The doctors could not trigger any seizures. Jordan is completely healed! Our God has all the power you need! 

Stephen Ries

He's a Walking Testimony of God's Divine Healing!

Stephen was diagnosed at age 2 with a tumor wrapped around and through his spinal cord. "We immediately prayed and cursed the tumor at it's roots, that it must die in the name of Jesus," said Stephen's mom.

He underwent a high risk emergency surgery to attempt to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Doctors were cautious due to the location of the tumor, and only 25% was actually removed. Everyone was amazed at Stephen's miraculous recovery from the surgery! Doctors even called him the 'Miracle Boy'! (They were amazed he could still walk and use the bathroom after such an intense operation on his spinal cord!)

Stephen then underwent less than a year of chemotherapy. MRI scans even showed proof that the tumor was dying from the inside out!

Stephen is now completely off chemo and living life normally! His doctors continue to call him the miracle boy, his healing being far beyond what they anticipated or even hoped for! He is happier and healthier than ever before and his parents give all glory to God! Praise Jesus!

Sebrina Shadler

"I reached to open the door and opened it without even a thought."

Sebrina visited DLM one Sunday morning with her husband and children. She was blessed by the atmosphere and felt the presence of the Lord. During the service, communion was served. Later that day, Sebrina was walking with her husband when she reached out and opened a store's front door. "I did not even think to pray for healing that morning at the service. I was just living day by day with a torn rotator cuff, and had become accustomed to living with the pain," said Sebrina. "At that moment, when I reached for the door, I felt no pain and I knew God healed me." She has been walking completely free of pain from that moment! Our God is Awesome!

C. Ralph Thurber

"God is the Great Physician"

Ralph Thurber was eating lunch and noticed that he did not have control of the left side of his face. His first thought was he had suffered from a minor stroke. He decided to go to the hospital. There they diagnosed him with Bell's Palsy. They also informed him that if he took the prescribed medication 5 times a day he would 'only' suffer from the effects for 6 months, up to 2 years.

Mr. Thurber knew that our God is the great physician, and he refused to accept the doctor's diagnosis. On Sunday, April 10, 2005 Pastor Carlton called for all those who were sick to come forward for prayer. Mr. Thurber knew that if he went up, in faith, the Lord would heal him. Within one week all the symptoms were completely gone! Praise the Lord!

Deja Burrill

"The change was immediate."

For months Deja was embarrassed by a wart on her face, next to her nose. On Sunday, April 10, 2005 when Pastor Carlton called for all those who were sick to come forward for prayer, Deja's Aunt Martha seized the opportunity and took her up expecting a miracle. She said she noticed the change immediately. The wart hardened and was beginning to look different even before they left the church on Sunday. By Monday morning the wart was completely gone, it had fallen off in the middle of the night.
Our God is Awesome and Cares for Us! 

Martha Burrill

"I could not even stand to sing on Sunday."

Martha Burrill had been suffering from pain in her left hip. The pain had gotten so severe that at times she had difficulty walking. Martha knows God loves her and does not want to see her in pain. So on Sunday, April 10, 2005 when Pastor Carlton called for the sick to come forward for prayer, she jumped up knowing that was her day to be healed! Martha now stands completely healed from the pain.
God is Faithful!

Bethany Williams

She survived a "fatal crash" with mere scratches.

Bethany Williams left a friend’s wedding late one recent evening when her tire failed as she entered Interstate 81. She lost control of her car as it crossed two lanes of traffic, crashed into a median, and rolled over. Her car came to rest in an upright position just one foot from oncoming traffic. Although the roof was caved in and windows were broken, Bethany escaped with minor scratches and bruises. She gives God all the praise for this undeniable miracle!

Deja Burrill

Brain tumor vaporized!

Eleven year old Deja Burrill wasn’t doing well in school. She was forgetful and had learning problems. Finally, several seizures led to the diagnosis of a large, longstanding brain tumor. Deja’s Aunt Martha and the Dynamic Life family stood on God’s Word that ‘by the stripes of Jesus, Deja is healed’ [I Peter 2:24]. (Deja, herself, had earlier given her life to Jesus at Dynamic Life and received the Holy Spirit at the same time.)

During the eleven hour surgery to remove the tumor, doctors only discovered scar tissue...no tumor! Deja’s recovery was short, she is doing well in school, is growing spiritually, and there is virtually no physical evidence of the surgery. God had not only already counted all her hairs, He restored them.

Sunny Gibbs

"I inhaled God's oxygen, and it healed my heart."

Sunny was walking his dog one evening in 2005 when he suffered severe chest pain. He checked himself into the hospital, was admitted to Intensive Care, and the next day was transferred to Winchester Medical Center for specialized testing. He was informed that his heart had 70% blockage. The main passage was completely clogged. He also learned that his total cholesterol level exceeded 260. (Doctors like to see a number below 200.) The following day he was released from the hospital without surgery.

Within forty-eight hours he resumed walking his dog. The walks were short at first because of excruciating pain. With prayer, fasting, and “inhaling God’s oxygen,” the walks became longer and easier. Sunny’s cholesterol number dropped close to 100. He never doubted his healing and the healing gradually manifested itself. Sunny now takes long walks, does strenuous outdoor labor, goes to the gym, and would probably win a push-up contest against any man.

    But thanks be to God, Who in Christ always leads us in triumph [as trophies of Christ's victory] and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere. II Cor. 2:14


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